A new moon is coming…

Well, I hear you say, nothing new there. A new moon comes every month after all.

True, but not every moon brings forth gifts like these…

and these… I can’t manage to get a good picture, but believe me these Tarot cards from K. de Long are gorgeous!

Our prize includes a stylish Fated & Forbidden tote, 4 paperbacks autographed for the winner (books may vary from picture), a pen and pencil, a screen wiper, a dragon key ring, chocolate, a drawstring bag, various bookmarks, cards and postcards, as well as the codes for a complimentary audiobook, 2 ebooks and a $10 Amazon giftcard. (Phew!)

Oh, and did I mention there are 10 of these prizes to claim? Yes, 10 totes filled to the brim with goodies, compliments of the Fated & Forbidden authors! We will ship anywhere the winners live in the world.

And if that wasn’t enough, every book from the series is down to 99 cents during this event! And if that wasn’t enough either, we have a few more reads for you at 99 cents or less!

If you are new to the Fated & Forbidden world, all stories are standalone and can be read in any order, except for the introduction, The Challenge, which is always free on Instafreebie, and the conclusion, Blood Moon, which logically should be read last!

The Challenge by Kallysten



Feeling lucky yet? Here’s the giveaway!


First the fine print: the giveaway runs until May 25th, midnight Eastern time. 10 winners will be chosen randomly by the Rafflecopter app among verified entries and contacted by email to claim their prize on May 26th. If a winner does not respond to this email and provide their shipping address by June 2nd, a different winner will be chosen. The giveaway is open to readers of all countries. For all questions, please contact Kallysten.

As you’ll see below, there are many ways to enter the giveaway. We encourage you to claim as many entries as possible to maximize your odds of winning!

The most entries are granted for the scavenger hunt. Here’s how it works: if you visit our authors’ websites or Facebook pages, you will encounter moon pictures such as these:

Count the number of moons you encounter in your journey, and enter the total in the Rafflecopter form. (For example, the moons above have a total of 6: 1 + 2 + 3. These moons are an example only and do not count toward the scavenger hunt total.)

Start your hunt here, and when you find each moon click on the picture to get to the next site. If you get stuck, we have some hints at the very bottom of this page. The last site on your hunt will bring you back right here.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Stuck in your hunt? Here are a few clues…


(If you’re looking at the sites on your cell phone, you might need to switch to ‘view full site’ or a similar option.)

Holley Trent: Did you know Holley’s Surrendering Saul is part of the Hearth Motel series?

Jacqueline Sweet: At first glance, I don’t think a hint is needed at all!

Katie de Long: Remind me, which series is this all about? Oh yes! Fated & Forbidden!

Decadent Kane: Another one that’s easy as pie!

Crystal Dawn: It should be pinned to the top, or you can check the photos!

T.F. Walsh: I wonder what T.F. is rambling about on her blog today…

Cynthia Fox: Another moon (or is it moons?) pinned up high…

Rinelle Grey: Check out her other dragon shifter books

Kristen Strassel: You checked what T.F. had to say… how about seeing what Kristen is up to as well?

Kallysten: They say not to judge books by their covers… would you like to check out mine?

Still stuck somewhere? Get in touch and I’ll unstick you 🙂